Judith & Jerry Ken's boat1Gerald & Judith Doctor co-founded Kairos Ministries, Inc. in 1999. Responding to the call of God, they have ministered both at home and abroad as an expression of their personal faith. They have gone into the “highways and byways,” wherever there are spiritually hungry or hurting people, where hearts are open to receive more from God … wherever doors were open.

While living in Massachusetts during the 1970s and 80s, they sponsored numerous meetings for a variety of leaders in the charismatic renewal, both Catholic and Protestant. Many people came to the Lord during those years. As Aglow president and state coordinator for Lydia, an intercessory prayer ministry, Judith’s life touched many people. In 1985 she began teaching and facilitating small groups for spiritual growth and inner healing.

Since the early 1990s, Gerald & Judith have ministered together in retreats, seminars, and small groups. Their ministry has taken them many times to Germany and Romania, sharing their faith with people whose hearts were hungry for more of God’s love. During 2002 they lived in Braunschweig, Germany, teaching God’s people how to minister inner healing.

Paradigm Breakers

Having experienced many life-changing encounters with the living God, they minister out of the voice of personal experience. As outlined by St. Paul in I Cor. 12, there are different gifts, diversities of service, varieties of operations … but the same Lord. Gerald & Judith minister out of the gifts, callings, and anointing God has given them, fulfilling their own unique mission.

Through personal crises in their lives, they have come to know God in a deeper way, and have seen how God can bring together the fragments of our lives and lead us toward wholeness. They speak about the power of the Holy Spirit to heal us and make us whole─often through dreams and visions.

In an unpretentious way, they share their faith in the power of God. They are paradigm breakers, helping us see beyond the limitations that bind us to our present point of view and keep us from experiencing more of God in our lives. Their desire is for all of us to have our eyes opened to the numerous possibilities God has for us if we are willing to risk moving beyond the comfortable and secure, and embrace life as a great adventure.

Seasoned Team

Today Gerald & Judith work as an experienced, seasoned team. Although Judith is the primary teacher, speaker, and group facilitator, Gerald works along side of her, sharing some of the teaching and ministry. He also handles administrative activities such as scheduling, managing the database, editing and publishing newsletters, communications, and marketing.

Married since 1959, Judith & Gerald have two married sons and and four young grandchildren. Since 1978, they have been part of The New Life, Inc., an interdenominational ministry with a community of both Catholics and Protestants. They currently reside in Florida and belong to a New Life Home Church Fellowship.

Gerald Doctor

Gerald Doctor’s spirituality is rooted in his experiences with the living God, who has touched his life in many ways. He has seen the hand of God working to redeem him from his own limitations, set him free from the dullness of his ordinary existence, and put him on the road to adventure.

After he received a master’s degree in electrical engineering, Gerald worked for many years for high tech companies before becoming a freelance writer, writing about technology. As God has worked changes in his life, he has increasingly embraced the ministry that he shares together with Judith.

Freedom In Christ

Gerald was raised in a church system that favored conformity to rules based on duty instead of heart action motivated from personal conviction and faith. Provoked by the crises of his life, he moved from this lifeless system into greater freedom in Christ.

Along the way, Gerald has survived the death of a son, wended his way through a crisis of mid-life depression, muddled through a near-divorce marriage crisis, and extricated himself from an unsatisfactory career in high tech to find a more rewarding way to live. Out of the crucible of these seemingly unpleasant experiences, Gerald has come closer to God, found out more about his own self, and increasingly discovered an inner way to live.

His faith was anchored deeper as he experienced a revelation of the love of the Heavenly Father for him, and his life was greatly enriched as his image of God changed. Today he carries a passion to reveal the Father’s love to others.

Serving The Spirit Within

In the past several years, Gerald has experienced God in a new, deeper way that has increasingly turned his heart to serve and honor the Spirit within him. By revelation of the Holy Spirit, he has learned to see and hear in the spiritual dimension. God has transformed him in the very core of his being, and he has become a spiritual Christian.

Gerald uses his poetic gifts to touch the hearts of people, reading the prose that describes his inner journey and singing the songs that came to him as he struggled with his own inner darkness. He weaves his dreams, journal writings and songs into a story of how God led him into a fuller, more meaningful life.

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Judith Doctor

Judith Doctor, MSW, RN, leads seminars, workshops, and groups for spiritual growth, inner healing and wholeness in the United States and Europe.

Judith is passionate about her work because she has experienced firsthand God’s healing power. Through the crises of her life, Judith came to know a loving God who brought resurrection life in the death of a son from leukemia, in her battle-worn marriage, and deep inside her troubled soul. In her journey to wholeness, God often used dreams to direct her, reveal her ministry, heal the many wounds in her soul and spirit, and bring her inner freedom.

Judith emphasizes that one of God’s great goals for us is wholeness. She carefully integrates Biblical knowledge and personal experiences into practical tools for spiritual growth and personal wholeness. Speaking with the voice of personal experience, her words reach beyond the intellect to the deep heart. She stresses the importance of learning to function as a spiritual Christian—to hear God’s voice and be led by His Spirit.

Adventuring With God

In the early 1980s, Judith experienced an intensive time of personal growth, inner healing, and spiritual development. In response to a dream, she began to study the dynamics of the deep heart, the inner workings of the soul and spirit, the principles of inner healing, and the language often found in dreams. She began her teaching ministry in 1985 when a close friend suggested she start a group, teaching others what she had learned.

In the past four decades, she has addressed a wide variety of groups in the United States and Europe about spiritual growth and healing for the soul and spirit. She leads seminars to help God’s people learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit, recognize how God speaks to them, and receive insight and guidance from their dreams. In 1991 she worked for six months in a German clinic.

Currently she has a monthly radio program on Radio Horeb transmitted live from Southern Germany that is heard in several European countries via cable and satellite, and also over the Internet. A vibrant, dynamic woman who hardly fits any “traditional” Christian mold, Judith has enjoyed many adventures as a result of hearing and obeying the voice of God for her life.

Spirituality In The Helping Professions

In August, 2005, Judith completed her university graduate work, receiving an MSW degree. One emphasis of her studies focused on understanding spiritual development and healing within a Christian perspective. Another aspect was the integration of spirituality into the treatment process.

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Brief Acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge the many men and women of God who have influenced our spiritual development, our thinking, and our personal growth. Credit is due to the many teachers, authors, lay ministers and others whose ideas and concepts no doubt appear in some form in these web pages. However, it is extremely difficult to separate out our own thoughts and ideas from what we have learned from others.
Some of you may recognize yourself in what you read on our website. Please forgive us if we sometimes sound as if we are plagiarizing your work—that certainly is not our intent. You have become a part of us as we have absorbed your spirit and your heart into our spiritual journey. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your insight and revelation you have shared. We are extremely grateful for the example of your lives. You have role modeled for us how to hear from God, how to be led by the Holy Spirit, how to find the inner depths where God dwells. May God bless you richly.

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