IMG_0898Author, Bible teacher, and speaker, Judith Doctor (MSW, RN) conducts retreats, seminars, workshops, and groups for spiritual growth, inner healing and wholeness in the United States and Europe. Teaching from a wealth of knowledge and personal experience gained through more than forty years of adventuring with God, she helps others find the freedom and fulfillment she has discovered.

Combining her healing gifts, empathy, and love with her experiences with a loving Heavenly Father, Judith illustrates life-giving principles from Scriptures and her own life. A paradigm breaker, she helps us see beyond the limitations that bind us to our present point of view and keep us from experiencing more of God in our lives.

Judith offers a bridge for people who are no longer satisfied with old religious forms and want to enter into a “new and living way”. She encourages them to leave behind their old dead ways and learn a new way of thinking and being, a way that belongs to people who seek the Kingdom of God within them.

In sharing her struggles and understanding in her walk with God, Judith lights the pathway for others on a spiritual walk, seeking to know God in a personal way. Her mission is to help people become spiritually alive, whole and mature, find their true identity in Christ, and fulfill their God-given destiny.

Teaching approach

In her ministry, Judith emphasizes that one of God’s great goals for us is wholeness. She carefully integrates Biblical knowledge, spiritual principles, and personal experiences into practical tools and techniques for spiritual growth and personal wholeness.

Rooted in her rich experiences with God, her words reach beyond the intellect to the deep heart. She stresses the importance of learning to function as a spiritual Christian—to hear God’s voice and be led by His Spirit. She also asserts that truth is a powerful ally in our quest for something more.

Judith is skilled at facilitating healing experiences in a group setting. She creates a safe, loving emotional environment in which class and workshop participants are able to speak about themselves in an honest and open way. Weaving a pattern of teaching principles, creative exercises and personal encounters, she creates opportunities for discovery, insight, and understanding.

Her uses both inner and outer resources, to help facilitate insight and spiritual revelation. By working with a variety of media, personal symbols, dreams, and emotional processing, participants are enabled to go beyond the confines of their rational minds into a deeper part of their being and, hence, see their lives more clearly.

Judith believes in the value of involving people in their own learning process. She provides direction for interacting with the principles and concepts she teaches—”making one’s own experience and reflecting upon them in the company of others helps to create restorative and redemptive moments.”

Voice of personal experience

In her search for the freedom and fulfillment spoken of in the Scriptures, Judith has experienced first-hand the presence of God’s Spirit, the power of resurrection life, and the indwelling Christ. Through the crises of her life, Judith came to know a living God who brought resurrection life in the death of a son from leukemia, in her battle-worn marriage, and deep inside her troubled soul.

Judith has learned how to surrender in a deep inner way—a heart surrender into the hands of a loving Heavenly Father. Judith is passionate about her work because she has experienced for herself God’s healing power as He healed her of wounds and traumas from her own childhood.

God re-parented her, laid a sound psychological and spiritual foundation in her, and healed her from emptiness, loneliness, self-rejection and self-hatred. He freed her from the lies woven deep into the structures of her personality and transformed her inner picture of herself. As a culmination of these transforming experiences, Judith saw an unfolding of her true self, no longer wearing a mask or playing a role, enabling her to function at a deep, authentic level.

With new meaning and purpose for her life brought by her understanding of her true identity, Judith radiates genuineness and aliveness. She is aware of her oneness with Christ within her, and has learned the inner reality of being a co-creator with the Living God. Because she is not pulled by the demands of the Law or driven by a sense of duty to pay lip service, Judith can function by what is in her heart and embrace her life enthusiastically.

Judith’s ministry is marked by deep compassion and empathy for those who are in pain and are spiritually hungry. Leveraging her own personal successes in dealing with serious issues of life, she teaches people how to stop playing the role of victim and start addressing their personal problems in a healthy, life-giving way. She helps others come to Jesus and encourages them to have ongoing personal encounters with the risen Christ.

Personal background

In 1939, Judith Vanderberg Doctor was born into a commercial fishing family of German-Dutch and French-English ancestry. The eldest of six children, she grew up in an alcoholic family system, inheriting an emotional legacy of fear, tension, not feeling loved or valuable, guilt, and rejection. Baptized as an infant in the Methodist Church, her mother pointed her to God by sending her to Child Evangelism programs and Sunday School in the nearby Baptist Church.

Judith became a nurse and married Gerald Doctor in 1959. Together, they continued their Christian walk in a Baptist Church and other evangelical groups. When their son was diagnosed with leukemia in 1971, Judith began an intense search for a personal relationship with God. She wanted something more than just trying to be good, following rules and laws; she needed to experience God for herself. Her quest brought her into contact with many different ministries from a variety of Christian backgrounds—both Catholic and Protestant.

Judith received the baptism of the Holy Spirit at the age of 30, and then in 1987, the Lord called her to “open the eyes of the blind so they could turn from darkness to light.”

She is passionate about her work because she has experienced for herself God’s power as He healed her of wounds and traumas from her own childhood in an alcoholic family. Today, Judith is a vibrant and dynamic woman who hardly fits any “traditional” Christian mold.

Her years of Christian experience and leadership include evangelism, various church programs, young people’s ministries, home and church Bible studies, The New Life, Inc. projects, Spring Hill Camp programs, and hosting tours to Israel. She also served as president of Lexington, MA Woman’s Aglow chapter, State Coordinator of Lydia (intercessory prayer ministry), and conference coordinator for The Institute of Christian Counseling and Therapy in Narberth, PA.

Since 1978, Judith and her husband, Gerald, have been part of The New Life, Inc., an interdenominational ministry with a community of both Protestants and Catholics. Married since 1959, Judith & Gerald have two married sons and their families, including four young grandchildren. They currently live in Arcadia, FL and belong to a New Life Home Church Fellowship.

Adventuring with God

Throughout the past three decades, Judith has been led by the voice of the Holy Spirit within her, inspiring her to step beyond her comfortable boundaries, accept new challenges and expand her life. As a result of adventuring with God, she has enjoyed many incredible experiences.

As a Christian speaker, teacher and writer, since 1985 Judith has addressed a wide variety of groups in the United States and in Europe. In addition to speaking to churches, women’s groups, and Women’s Aglow chapters, she has addressed such diverse groups as The Institute for Christian Counseling and Therapy, Oxford Senior Center, Exodus, and Parish Nurses.

Judith has published an article in The Journal of Christian Healing, and two articles in Asociaţia De Nursing Din România journal.

Doorway to Europe

Between 1987-1991, the Lord prepared the way for Judith to visit several clinics in Germany devoted to healing the soul and spirit. In 1991 she was invited to help with the spiritual aspect of a psychosomatic clinic in the south of Germany. Through her time at this clinic, God opened the door to Europe for Judith.

In a dream in 1994, Judith saw a large map of Europe, with little points of light turning on all over Europe. In particular she saw more lights in the Braunschweig, Germany area, even though she did not know Braunschweig at the time. A man in the dream said that God was going to send Judith to Europe as His ambassador. Believing God was speaking to her in the dream, she began ministering in Europe approximately twice each year.

Judith has presented workshops at the ChristusZentrum Braunschweig, and has spoken at both the Wolfsburg and Braunschweig chapters of the Christen im Beruf e.V. Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, International. In addition to presenting workshops at the Adula Klinik in Obersdorf and at the Hochgrat Klinik in Wolfsried, Judith has spoken to Förderkreis (Association for Medicine of the Whole Person) in Bad Herrenalb, and also to the Women’s Aglow chapter in Frankfurt.

Radio Horeb ministry

From October, 2001 to October, 2002, Judith and Gerald lived in Braunschweig, Germany, ministering inner healing and encouraging believers through workshops, classes, lectures and faith-building conversations. During this time, the Lord also opened up an opportunity for Judith to have a monthly one-hour radio transmission on Radio Horeb, which is affiliated with Radio Maria in Rome. She continues doing this program, focusing on inner healing through the Holy Spirit, from her home in the USA via telephone to Germany one Sunday morning each month.

Ministry in Romania

Judith has presented seminars and workshops to a variety of groups in România, including Pro Vita (a pro-life Christian ministry). In October 2000, and again in October 2001, she presented lectures at the annual conference of Asociatia De Nursing in România. She has spoken to the Radiu Leukemia Foundation in Bucharest, and on a number of occasions she has lectured and conducted workshops with nurses throughout România. She has also taught at the Baptist Nursing School in Bucharest and spoken on the radio for Sibiu Radio Vocea Evangheliei.

Educational Background

Judith is a graduate of Hackley Hospital School of Nursing (1960) and of Central Michigan University (1994). She is a registered nurse and has a bachelor of Science degree in Community Development (BSCD). In August 2005 Judith received an MSW (Masters in Social Work) degree from Grand Valley State University.

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