They say timing is everything. Sometimes we carry a vision for years before we see it come to fruition. It was that way with Kairos Ministries, Inc. Our ministry name, Kairos, has the connotation of timing in the Divine sense.

The word Chronos deals with quantitative time. It’s clock and calendar oriented. Measurable. Time we humans understand intellectually. We get our English word chronological from it.

Kairos is quite different. It’s qualitative time. Can’t be measured — it’s mysterious. It carries the sense of being the “opportune moment.” In a sense we could say Kairos is God’s kind of time.

Kairos (Gk. right or opportune moment): Fullness of time; the propitious moment for the performance of an action or the coming into being of a new state (Oxford English Dictionary).

What’s In A Name?

Even as we were forming the ministry in 1999, a Kairos moment occurred. We were busy assembling our registration materials to incorporate the ministry (under a different name we had planned), and paused to read an article in Charisma magazine. We saw the word Kairos, and suddenly we sensed that was the right name for this ministry.

Kairos. The opportune time. The right activity happening at the right moment. When circumstances of life come together. When the right events have taken place. When people are ready. When things line up in a way that the right result can happen. Then it’s Kairos time. Before then (in chronos time) the activity cannot be accomplished.

 God’s Time

When the Lord has set in motion the right events in the world … established the idea in the hearts of the people involved … moved in the spiritual world so His will can be accomplished … then it’s Kairos time. A confluence of circumstances, ideas, changes in people, merging of events — a melding together of all the elements that make up the totality of a situation.

What we do is simply be available. Sensitive to God’s Spirit. We create the right atmosphere. Establish an acceptable environment. Open hearts. When something happens, it seems like the right time (chronos). However, what really occurs is a Kairos moment. Everything is ready. God acts.

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